4 Easy Product Creation Ideas

When it comes to the biggest money-making opportunity on the Internet, it has got to be selling your very own products and services(just take a look at many of the Internet Marketing gurus and how they become tens of thousands of dollars richer with each new product launch).

With the advancement of the Internet technology, you can very easily create a product (sometimes even less than 24 hours to create a single product). And the best part after you have created a product is that, you can set up an affiliate program where you pay your affiliates a certain amount of commission for every single sale they refer and you can virtually see money coming in on autopilot (with these affiliates promoting your product for you every single day).

In case you are wondering that it is impossible for you to create your very own product, I would like to share with you 4 product creation ideas in the next few sections – After which you will definitely be wowed by how easy it actually is to create your very own products.

1. Interviews With Experts

Who says you need to be an expert to create your own product? You can create your very own product in every single niche that you like – All you need to do is to find out who the expert in that particular niche is, and all you need to do here is to either call or send him/her an email (I would personally prefer calling as it is much more sincere), and asking whether or not it is possible for you to do a short interview (approximately 30 to 45 minutes) with him/her in the niche topic that he/she is in.

Make sure you record the whole interview down as you are doing so – And after which you can sell the entire interview as an audio product itself (You need to get the interviewee’s permission on whether or not he/she allows you to convert the entire interview into a product beforehand). Alternatively, you may want to get someone to transcribe the entire interview and you can sell it as an ebook.

Product creation cannot get any easier than that…

2. Video Tutorials

You can create video tutorials to step people through how to do certain things – Such as how you successfully potty train your dog in less than 48 hours, or how you cook certain dishes, etc. You can record the whole process down using a video camera (if you do not have one, you can get it at less than $100 – Such as Flip Video) and there you have it – You have your very own video products which you can sell online.

3. Short Reports

Let’s say you have identified a nail biting problem that a certain group of people have in a particular niche – And you have the exact solution to it.

What you want to do is to document the solution in a form of a short report (approximately 15 to 30 pages long), convert it into PDF format, and you are ready to sell it.

If the short report that you have just created is a solution to some nail biting problems that people have been looking high and low for solutions (but to no avail thus far), you can be sure that you will be able to generate a wealth of income from your short report.

4. JV Product Creation

I totally understand the fact that nobody is good in every single thing – But that doe not mean that you will be unable to create your own product. You can always Joint Venture (JV) with someone and work together toward a particular product.

Let me explain this to you using an example – Let’s say you have have a lot of experience and knowledge to share regarding how to get rid of acnes (a lot of people are having this problem and are looking for solutions online every single day) but you find that you are not a good writer (even though you are good in graphics design).

What you can do here is to find someone who is good in writing (and preferably also have the experience and knowledge in solving acne problems) and both of you can do a Joint Venture and come out with a product to help people solve their acne problems once and for all – Your partner can work on the writing part of the product, while you can work on designing an eye-catching product cover.

I certainly hope that, after you have read through this post, you have more confidence to go on and create your own products. Do you have any more product creation ideas that I did not mentioned in this post? I strongly encourage you to add them in the comments box below… I would love to hear from you….

California Kid Makes $9800 With Overnight Internet Launch

No, he didn’t cash in by saving “noobie” Internet marketers from being pushed off a cliff by a sheriff gone mad. He didn’t blog for bucks at WEC martial arts featherweight championships. Neither did he do it all in one night. For anyone worried about getting laid off or downsized he’s an example of having a vision and work ethic that proves money can be made on the internet. People living paycheck to paycheck or in fear the axe is about to drop ought to listen up.

The California Kid (CK) had a gut feeling he could get off his dad’s “allowance” program by doing something huge online. He started sniffing around for the juiciest stories by the colossal Internet marketing gurus. He lapped up their wisdom like a hungry kitten on fresh cream.

It really didn’t seem that difficult to the CK. It was a matter of motivation – like get off the proverbial “massively multiplayer online game butt” and hop to it. He settled on the idea of a membership site because it would create residual income. The membership entailed joining a club that gave you the rights to a new “turnkey” website each month that was already set up to generate income from advertising revenues.

The CK chose this model because it would have long lasting value for his clients, making it a winner for everyone. He found some talent to help him create content and graphics for the sites and then approached the owner of an Internet marketing forum with a deal.

He offered the gentleman a percentage of the sales in exchange for promoting the membership product on his forum. To the CK’s surprise the chap (a citizen of the U.K.) agreed.

Before the story continues it’s time to “fess” up. The CK was not really getting an allowance at the time – he was experiencing a decent level of success in the field of search engine optimization working for some Fortune 1000 companies. He didn’t sit around playing computer games, but he was living with his parents.

Before he went to sleep that night he told his mom about his venture but she didn’t get it. He sent out his prelaunch notice to the minuscule list he had managed to build on his own and was thrilled when he sold 2 memberships. He went to bed clutching the knot in his gut, knowing the big launch from his U.K. partner’s forum was scheduled to happen while he was asleep.

The next morning the CK opened up his email account and freaked. The membership had sold out and he had a waiting list of 400 people. $9,800 was sitting in his online account. The CK’s message for us is this: find a market of hungry people and focus on finding a product that gives them a solution to something in their life that matters. The more people you can help along your road to success, the wealthier you will become.

The Secret of Securing a Popular Dental Practice Online

It is nothing new that the online world has become a bustling platform for businesses which aim to build a strong presence among the prospective customers. Like any other businesses, dentistry also wants its presence on the social networking field. However, if a dentist is busy bringing smiles to patients, then how will he/she keep himself/herself updated, socially since strong networking is not all about Facebook and Twitter?

Interestingly, a healthy online presence for a healthy growing dental practice hangs on to the positive side since more than 70% of consumers look out for a new dentist on Google every day. To practice dentistry online, a focused SEO for dentists has become important. Due to the rising competition online to secure the place on the first pages, a simple website featuring some services and treatments will not make your dental practice popular among your patients.

The first landing page should be interesting and a good website should focus about your USPs, interesting information about dental world and benefits of the customers. Thus, you need an expert who understands the norms of the dental industry and regularly being updated with the current marketing efforts and continuously gather leads to generate online traffic for your website.

So, search engine optimization (SEO) holds certain procedures through which a dental website could be popular. To gain popularity online, a website focussing online dental practices require:

On-page optimization
Keywords Localisation
Link building
Increasing in natural traffic
Cultivating relationships
Good and unique articles and blog postings

Since approximately 97% of consumers continue seeking dental care online, an everyday connection with such consumers is necessary. From rebuilding website of unique domain to optimize content and navigation to identify potential competitors and customers, SEO is an ideal plan that will push the dental practice higher on the first ten pages. It also enables to reinvigorate social efforts by cultivating networks with top notch level dentist websites and forums.

For a better SEO, a website should be attractive and the content should be compelling and fresh. Both fuses to give a dramatic effect for search engine results. Next, your website needs to be localized through specific keywords that will help customers easily land on the search result web page. Implementing dental SEO that is combined with dental knowledge and technological expertise, the use of strong keywords will help the customers to find out a good dentist online.

Google is the all-embracing inspiration for allowing new updates and call for fresh sites with unique content. Social networking has brought people from every cut and corners at one place and thus, SEO for dentists grab this massive opportunity to get you more new patients. HIGH RANKING is the key to any SEO success which will bring your practice thousand of money in your new found income.